Lady sings the blues – 5 blue gemstones that make me swoon

The sapphire that graced Princess Diana’s hand, and now sits just as pretty on the Duchess of Cambridge’s finger, has done wonders for the reputation of blue gemstones and confirmed their timelessness and elegance. Along with such regal connections, the colour blue is a symbol of water and the sky, … Read More

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Choosing jewellery for different ages Part 1: Babies, kids, teens and young adults

Do you find it difficult to buy jewellery for children and young adults? Well you’re not alone.  A good deal of the people who come to see us looking for jewellery gift ideas for their children, nieces, nephews, god children or family friends coming of age don’t know where to … Read More

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Coloured gemstone engagement rings – a girl’s new best friend?

Every girl wants an engagement ring that features her personal touch. One way that more and more gushing fiancés are doing this is with coloured gemstones to create a classical, yet unusual, engagement ring to, well, show off to their girlfriends, of course!

Using coloured gemstones in your engagement ring … Read More

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Is jewellery shopping your worst nightmare – or wildest dream?

Last week, a man walked into my studio looking very shy and uncomfortable. I approached him with a warm smile and asked how we could help – although I had a feeling I knew the answer.

He told me that he wanted to buy a gift for his wife, but … Read More

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How to change your engagement or wedding rings … without changing husbands

Have you ever secretly thought about redesigning or upgrading your engagement ring or wedding ring? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And, it’s not a bad thing. I promise.

You see, due to my changing tastes and circumstances over the years – and thankfully a bit more disposable income than when … Read More

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Celebrating Bastille Day like les femmes Françaises indépendantes

Le 14 Juillet. La Fête Nationale. Or as you probably know it – Bastille Day, France’s National Day.

Bastille Day is a celebration of the modern French République (and the overthrow of the monarchy). Events are held all over the country, and in characteristically French style, people dress to impress. … Read More

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Don’t wait for the kids to spoil you this Mother’s Day

Waiting for the kids to spoil you this Mother’s Day? Oh, non, mon amie! You do not have to wait.
Here are three reasons why you can (and should) treat yourself this Mother’s Day.

You deserve it

Being a mum is the most demanding and rewarding job in the world. … Read More

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The Best Paris Fashion Week Jewellery Trends You Can Adopt

While Paris Fashion Week was just over a month ago, I saw some jewellery trends I am excited to share with you.

Jewellery creates emotion, shows your personality, completes an outfit, and creates a distinct and memorable style. The jewellery on display at the Fall 2017 Paris Fashion Week certainly … Read More

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