Jewellery buying and owning faux pas – 10 things NOT to do

If you’ve ever visited us at the studio, or perused any of my other blog posts, you can be sure of one thing – we are infatuated with beautiful jewellery! It’s given the team so much personal pleasure over the years, and more than anything, we want our customers to … Read More

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“The Natalie’s” – 6 award winning performances by jewellery in movies

Like most girls, I absolutely adore a cosy night in with my husband (and/or the kids), a great movie classic and some butter popcorn!  Or if I’m in La Premiere class mood, perhaps some cheese, crackers and a lovely bottle of Chardonnay.

One of the things I enjoy so much … Read More

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Diamonds are a Rapper’s Best Friend: 8 Hip Hop Artists Who Love Bling Bling

When I think of hip-hop, one of the first things that springs to mind is ‘bling’. Maybe it’s because I’m a jeweller, but no one does diamonds and gold quite like a rapper. In fact, Kanye West probably said it best after revealing his new diamond teeth to Ellen Degeneres, … Read More

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Time to see wedding rings in a new light!

I’m a passionate jewellery designer who lives and breathes beauty represented in jewellery, so I absolutely had to write about this most pressing issue. Every day I have the pleasure of meeting excited brides and grooms to be, busy in the throes of wedding planning. There’s the wedding gown, the … Read More

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What’s hot now? Pastel jewellery – the elegant chameleon

Pastel jewellery is basking in the sunshine this season, and I couldn’t be more excited. There’s just something so delightfully feminine about the soft, muted tones of a beautiful pastel piece.

So how do you wear pastel jewellery?

In all their understated glamour, pastel stones have often been wrongly perceived … Read More

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Come and see my new glamour for all occasions jewellery

Earlier in the year,  we launched our unique ‘Soleil Collection’, a range of beautiful and practical earrings, rings and pendants designed to wear every day and at any occasion, no matter how formal or casual they might be.

Well, ‘Soleil’ proved to be more popular than we ever imagined. … Read More

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Jewellery stories – one piece can speak a thousand words

People come to us for their jewellery for all sorts of reasons. Occasionally, it’s about fun – a spontaneous splurge, a ‘to die for’ piece that would go sooo perfectly with a new outfit, or a gift just to make someone’s day. Who needs an excuse to buy jewellery anyway, … Read More

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Personalised jewellery – make her feel like a one in a million woman

Personalised jewellery has become very popular in past few years, but it’s certainly not a new idea. In fact, custom jewellery goes back thousands of years to days when people decorated themselves in necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from seeds, shells and other trinkets found in nature.

Ever since I … Read More

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