What’s hot now? Pastel jewellery – the elegant chameleon

Pastel jewellery is basking in the sunshine this season, and I couldn’t be more excited. There’s just something so delightfully feminine about the soft, muted tones of a beautiful pastel piece.

So how do you wear pastel jewellery?

In all their understated glamour, pastel stones have often been wrongly perceived … Read More

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Come and see my new glamour for all occasions jewellery

Earlier in the year,  we launched our unique ‘Soleil Collection’, a range of beautiful and practical earrings, rings and pendants designed to wear every day and at any occasion, no matter how formal or casual they might be.

Well, ‘Soleil’ proved to be more popular than we ever imagined. … Read More

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Jewellery stories – one piece can speak a thousand words

People come to us for their jewellery for all sorts of reasons. Occasionally, it’s about fun – a spontaneous splurge, a ‘to die for’ piece that would go sooo perfectly with a new outfit, or a gift just to make someone’s day. Who needs an excuse to buy jewellery anyway, … Read More

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Personalised jewellery – make her feel like a one in a million woman

Personalised jewellery has become very popular in past few years, but it’s certainly not a new idea. In fact, custom jewellery goes back thousands of years to days when people decorated themselves in necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from seeds, shells and other trinkets found in nature.

Ever since I … Read More

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What engagement ring shopping can reveal about your relationship

We love it when soon-to-be-married couples visit us at the studio, because most of them bring all this magical happiness and excitement along with them. Occasionally there are a brief argument and tears, but that’s usually followed by lots of kiss-n-make-ups. Ahhh sweet love!

The other day, the team were … Read More

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Cleopatra to Kim Kardashian: celebrity jewellery junkies through history

They say there are only three things in life that are certain – death, taxes and that women love stunning jewellery. Of course, only one can make us feel glamorous, confident, radiant, and light up a room in the most alluring way!

And while most women adore receiving a lovely … Read More

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Lady sings the blues – 5 blue gemstones that make me swoon

The sapphire that graced Princess Diana’s hand, and now sits just as pretty on the Duchess of Cambridge’s finger, has done wonders for the reputation of blue gemstones and confirmed their timelessness and elegance. Along with such regal connections, the colour blue is a symbol of water and the sky, … Read More

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Choosing jewellery for different ages Part 1: Babies, kids, teens and young adults

Do you find it difficult to buy jewellery for children and young adults? Well you’re not alone.  A good deal of the people who come to see us looking for jewellery gift ideas for their children, nieces, nephews, god children or family friends coming of age don’t know where to … Read More

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