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About Natalie Barney

Bonjour jewellery lovers, I’m Natalie Barney.

My love affair with jewellery began when I was a teenager in France, enamoured with the sparkling pieces in the windows of my town’s jewellery stores. I loved the way fine jewellery made one look and feel — elegant, confident, special. But what I truly appreciated was the power of jewellery to capture an emotion, a milestone or a memory.

As a jewellery designer living in Australia, my greatest passion is to create unique, exquisite and meaningful pieces that evoke confidence and emotion in those who wear them. With my signature style defined by intricate settings and striking gemstones, my collections feature a kaleidoscope of sumptuous stones artfully arranged to showcase their colour and beauty.

After jewellery, I am most passionate about animal welfare and the protection of our planet. My dream is to one day set up my own foundation to promote a more humane and sustainable world for animals. In the meantime, Natalie Barney Jewellery donates to recognised animal and environmental charities.

I hope you enjoy browsing the collections. If you would like to request a viewing or discuss a bespoke design, please make an appointment and it will be my pleasure to meet you.