About Natalie

Bonjour jewellery lovers, I’m Natalie Barney.

My greatest passion is to design elegant and unique jewellery that perfectly reflects a special moment, memory, emotion or achievement and brings excitement and joy to those who wear it.

For over 20 years I’ve called Australia home. However, it was as a teenager in France that I first fell in love with beautiful jewellery, marvelling at gorgeous pieces sparkling in the windows of our town jewellery stores. I worked during the summer to save money for the holidays, but would always keep enough to buy a lovely ring, bracelet or earrings. Even then, wearing jewellery made me feel more confident, comfortable and elegant. Special.

After working in marketing for many years I finally followed my calling and founded Natalie Barney Jewellery, a French-inspired boutique jewellery boudoir on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. For almost 10 wonderful years I sourced gems and jewellery from around the world, sold famous brands and lesser known pieces, and devoured everything I could about the art of jewellery design. In 2012, I released my first collection: ‘Les Cabochons ’.

In December 2016, I decided to focus more on my true love — designing jewellery that makes people feel as special as it has made me feel since I was that young girl in France.

I hope you enjoy browsing the collections. If you would like to request a viewing or discuss a bespoke design, please make an appointment and it will be my pleasure to meet you.