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Tourmaline … I LOVE you!

No bonus points for anyone who has guessed that tourmaline is my favourite Gemstone! What is not to love? Tourmaline has one of the widest colour ranges of all gems (if not the widest), with each shade of tourmaline coming in virtually every hue. And it is widely available in … Read More

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Lady sings the blues – 5 blue gemstones that make me swoon

The sapphire that graced Princess Diana’s hand, and now sits just as pretty on the Duchess of Cambridge’s finger, has done wonders for the reputation of blue gemstones and confirmed their timelessness and elegance. Along with such regal connections, the colour blue is a symbol of water and the sky, … Read More

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6 gorgeous green gemstones to make your friends vert de jalousie

I find it funny how we associate green with envy – because it’s also the colour of balance, harmony and new beginnings.

Saying that, having spent years working with and owning many stunning green gemstones, I know how pined for and coveted they can be.

So today, I wanted to … Read More

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