The Engagement Series: Part 2 — Diamond or Coloured Gemstone?

29 May 2019 | All, Bridal & engagement, Gemstones

There are so many design options available on the path to finding the perfect ring. Our ‘Engagement Series’ has been designed to present these options in an insightful and simple way.

In Part 2, we will be looking at the ‘now accepted’ choice between a diamond or coloured gemstone engagement ring:

The diamond ring

The diamond ring has been the ring of choice ever since De Beers ran in 1947 the famous ad campaign, “A Diamond is Forever”, portraying diamonds as the ultimate symbol of love. We love diamond engagement rings, and they are still the most popular rings amongst brides-to-be. Solitaires, Cluster or ‘Halo, Three or Five Stone … the choice is there for you to find the diamond ring of your dreams.

Don’t forget that it all starts with a great cut! A perfectly proportioned diamond will outshine a diamond with an average, or less than average cut and finish, even if that diamond is a little further down the grading scale of colour and clarity.

Our Cushion Diamond Cluster Ring is a classic example of a cluster diamond ring whilst the 3-Round Diamond Claw Set Ring is the modern interpretation of a classical design. Or you might prefer the elegant 2-Claw Round Diamond Solitaire … classical whilst unusual.

The coloured gemstone ring

Using coloured gemstones in your engagement ring – be they pastel, dark or very strong colours – can give you endless options to complement your personal style. And they look wonderful in both faceted or cabochon form. A burst of colour can bring a design to life and aside from a few expensive coloured gemstones, you can usually buy a coloured gemstone engagement ring for a fraction of the price of a diamond ring.

So if you want something a little different to celebrate one of the biggest and most special occasions in your life, definitely take a look at some coloured gemstone engagement rings whether you choose a 3-Stone, Cluster or ‘Halo’, or a simple Solitaire style with a diamond set band.

The Emerald Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring is the classic example of a 3-stone ring whilst the Cushion Red Spinel and Diamond Cluster Ring is an elegant, vintage-inspired example of a cluster engagement ring. Or you might like the simplicity of the Square Radiant Yellow Beryl and Diamond Ring.

Choose or create a ring that both now, and in years to come, embodies that unique love, passion and devotion you and your partner share. It is not just about the size, price or bling factor.

Contact us today to find the engagement ring of your dream or browse our ‘Amour‘ bridal and engagement collection .