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The essential guide to engagement rings – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Essential Guide to Engagement Rings! So now you have a good idea of the style and type of ring you want. All that is left is for  you to find the right stones and the right jeweller to turn your dream of the perfect … Read More

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Engagement rings, trends and traditions around the world

What does an engagement ring mean to you?

I think it’s an interesting question, because falling in love, getting engaged (and walking down the aisle) means something different to each of us. And your engagement jewellery should reflect this.

So, if you are just engaged, getting engaged, think the question … Read More

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Lady sings the blues – 5 blue gemstones that make me swoon

The sapphire that graced Princess Diana’s hand, and now sits just as pretty on the Duchess of Cambridge’s finger, has done wonders for the reputation of blue gemstones and confirmed their timelessness and elegance. Along with such regal connections, the colour blue is a symbol of water and the sky, … Read More

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Buying diamonds online vs. buying from a jewellery studio

Internet technology is revolutionising the way all of us do business, including those like myself who design and sell beautiful jewellery at a traditional studio (and online).  At the cheaper end of the market, many people are looking at the internet for discounted jewellery, in the hope of snagging something … Read More

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The secrets of beautiful and versatile black diamonds

Have you heard about the sultriest sister in the diamond family, the black diamond? Some say, once you wear her, you never go back.

Is black the new white?

If you’re a diamond kind of girl (and who isn’t?), you’ll be intimately familiar with white diamonds. You may also have … Read More

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