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Cabochon Jewellery

Cabochon or ‘almost flat’ stones, have just one highly polished, smooth surface without faceting. While you see this style in many of Europe’s chicest cities, they are still a rare shimmer on the women of Australia. But a stunning look is just part of their charm. They’re adaptable and work beautifully for both dressing up or dressing down, every day and for any occasion.

  • Tourmaline Cabochon and Diamond Enhancer

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  • Moonstone, Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

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  • Cognac Tourmaline Cabochon and Diamond Cocktail Ring

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  • Oval Brown Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

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  • Rutilated Quartz and Diamond Pendant

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  • Black Spinel Cabochon and Diamond Enhancer

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  • Round Black Onyx Cabochon and Diamond Stud Earrings

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  • Round Pink Tourmaline Cabochon and Diamond Stud Earrings

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