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Amour & Bridal

Ahhh l'amour! Falling in love, committing or getting engaged (and walking down the aisle) means something different to each of us. And your engagement and wedding jewellery should reflect this. So, if you are just engaged, getting engaged, think the question is coming - or giving not so subtle hints it should be! – here is a selection of suitable rings. We can also create something unique to symbolise your relationship so please contact us if you want us to design a custom piece for you.

  • Marquise and Round Diamond Ring

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  • Cushion Citrine and Mint Tourmaline Ring

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  • Marquise Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Cluster Ring

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  • 'Mauresque' Mint Tourmaline and Diamond Cluster Ring

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  • 6-claw Suspense Round Diamond Solitaire

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  • Cognac Tourmaline Cabochon and Diamond Cocktail Ring

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  • Oval Brown Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

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  • Emerald cut Yellow Beryl and Sapphire Cluster Ring

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