How-To Videos

You love jewellery but you have so many questions and there is so much choice. Don’t worry! We have been asked the same questions over the years and  decided that the best way to answer them was to produce some video tutorials. So relax and get answers to your pressing questions by watching the Natalie Barney videos in your own time!

How to choose the perfect engagement ring

Natalie shares her tips in a tutorial on how to find the perfect engagement ring … including the pitfalls to avoid! So much choice and you don’t want to get it wrong.

How to choose the perfect coloured gemstone

Coloured gemstones are increasingly popular. Natalie helps you to select the perfect coloured gemstone for you and tries to restrain her enthusiasm (she is a gemmologist after all and simply loves coloured gemstones!)

How to choose the best white metal for your jewellery

Although yellow gold is making a comeback, white metals are still dominating the market. Natalie helps you to select the best white metal for you by outlining the pros and cons for each of them.

How to remodel your jewellery

Natalie gives you an insight into remodeling your jewellery, whether you have inherited it or you have grown tired of it! Watch a simple and easy to follow tutorial.

How to reuse your spare gold jewellery

There is a lot more value in your unused gold than what you might think. Natalie explains in this tutorial what you can do with it and why it might be work have another look at your jewellery box!