Be it jewellery, or anything else in life, I believe true beauty and allure is not about glitz and flash. It reveals itself through subtlety, elegance and saving the best for those who choose to look a little closer. Here in my online store you will find rings with just metal, with gems and diamonds; earrings, bracelets, enhancers, pendants and necklaces, all from my own collections. Each one designed with a touch of European panache to complement your personal style and celebrate your success with sophisticated poise. Be bold!

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  • Morganite and Diamond Drop Earrings

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  • Marquise and Round Diamond Ring

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  • Cushion Citrine and Mint Tourmaline Ring

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  • Marquise Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Cluster Ring

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  • 'Soleil' Pendant and Chain

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  • 'Soleil' Pendant and Chain

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  • 'Soleil' Pendant and Chain

  • Topaz and Diamond Drop Earrings

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