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Couleurs Jewellery

Natural-coloured ‘Couleur’ precious gemstones are a wonderful paradox because the rarest, loveliest and the most difficult to find are often the lowest value on paper. The colours are so unique and stunning that I use them in design as a beautiful alternative to diamonds. And because each stone is slightly different in colour and appearance, there will never be any clashing at intimate gatherings with girlfriend’s … or even the biggest social occasion of your life.

  • Morganite and Diamond Drop Earrings

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  • Cushion Citrine and Mint Tourmaline Ring

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  • Marquise Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Cluster Ring

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  • Topaz and Diamond Drop Earrings

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  • Scapolite Blue Tourmaline and Diamond Enhancer

  • Tourmaline Cabochon and Diamond Enhancer

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  • Oval Madeira Citrine, Green Tourmaline and Diamond Enhancer

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  • Topaz, Mint Tourmaline and Diamond Enhancer


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