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Chocolate Diamonds

‘Chocolate Diamonds’ – I ask is there a more dreamy name in the world? - are very hot right now. Their gorgeous warm tones are fantastic to design with as they look wonderful when set with white diamonds and simply stunning with rubies, sapphires, green tourmalines. Also known as Argyle Champagne and Cognac Diamonds they come from the same mine as pink diamonds. To ensure their authenticity they are then cut and laser inscribed by local master diamond cutters and come with a ‘birth certificate’ including the diamond’s rough weight before it was cut, its Argyle lot number and grading.

  • Scalloped Round Champagne Diamond Ring

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  • Pear Chocolate Diamond Cluster Ring

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  • Chocolate Diamond and Pink Tourmaline Necklace

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  • Pear Chocolate Diamond and Pink Tourmaline Drop Earrings

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