A Guide to Mums and Wives

Beautiful jewellery is for mums, too!

Somewhere along the road, a lot of men seem to have heard a nasty rumour that when women have children they no longer get a thrill out of beautiful jewellery. Instead of enjoying diamond rings, they’re far too busy changing nappies and teething rings. The truth is, while she may not always be able to look at her glamorous best, mum – especially a new mum – deserves to be reminded that she’s not just a nurturer, but a desirable, appreciated and loved woman too. Of course, as in many areas of life, your lady may be sending you confusing messages.

Never work with kids and jewellery?

Some women are not confident about wearing precious jewellery while the kids are young – in case they get their little hands on it. Some people feel the same about furniture. My husband and I decided not to wait until our kids were older before we invested in something really nice. This nice furniture has only become special because they are with us to appreciate it and create memories.

However, in much the same way we teach our children to respect our homes – and others’ – we can teach them to appreciate jewellery too. Depending on their age, they may not grasp the concept of craftsmanship. But you can still explain, for example, that wearing and taking care of jewellery is a ‘grown-up’ responsibility. Or that a certain piece is mummy’s special present from daddy, and will one day be theirs. The same goes for jewwellery of their own.

Jewellery ideas for wives

Anniversary Jewellery

  • Perhaps find something that goes with their engagement or wedding ring set.
  • Think eternity rings, earrings and pendants.
  • Otherwise try starting a new suite of coloured gemstones of your choice that suits your wife’s personality or lifestyle.

Birthday jewellery

  • Try earrings, bead strands and pendants
  • Classical pieces like diamond stud earrings always impress


  • Custom made jewellery

Jewellery ideas for mothers

The suggestions above may even be appreciated more by your partner if she’s also a mother. Here are a few ideas for those exclusively mum occasions.

Just had a baby

  • This is a momentous event in mum’s life and calls for a more significant piece!
  • If it’s the last baby (as far as she’s concerned anyway!), maybe a ring or pendant with the same number of stones as children

Mother’s day

  • Charm bracelets are a great idea as you can add to it as you create special memories with your latest addition to the family