Jewellery for Christmas ideas – 5 gifts that will sparkle your life up

Wow, didn’t that year just fly by?! Christmas is here again, and everyone’s getting a little stressed about what to get that special someone in their life.

Sound familiar? Then take a deep breath, exhale…aahhh…and relax – because this where jewellery truly sparkles.

There are so many different styles, colours, budgets and designs to choose from – something to suit every woman’s individual taste and style. And more importantly, we just love, love, love jewellery as a present – whether it’s our very first piece, or we’ve been fortunate enough to receive it in the past.

“But what to choose?” you might ask. Here are five jewellery gift ideas for that special person in your life … whether it is you or someone else:

Our brand new and exclusive ‘SOLEIL Collection’

‘Soleil” (meaning Sun in French) is my first official collection as a designer on my new site. It’s very close to my heart as it epitomises my feeling about designing and wearing jewellery – to celebrate, feel confident and have fun while wearing it.

I’ve created pieces that are perfect for any age – earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and rings. They look amazing worn as individual pieces or layered with other matching pieces. Combine ‘Soleil’ jewellery to your heart’s content! This collection really appeals to all women whatever their age as there is something they all find to love!

See the SOLEIL range

Pendants and Necklaces

In diamonds, pearls, coloured gemstones or just metal …. Large or small …. A pendant or necklace is the perfect Christmas gift. Classic or more unusual, a beautiful pendant or necklace will get worn with work or play outfits.

For Christmas you could choose a pendant or necklace – or match them with earrings, a bracelet or even a ring later on. You know what they say “it is always good to have a plan!”.

See a few pendants and necklaces ideas on our website.

Gemstone strands

Strands of natural coloured gemstone beads are a stunning Christmas gift and there are gorgeous pieces to suit all budgets. They start at a few hundred dollars and go up to a few thousand for something that will absolutely take her breath away. The classical precious stones are usually emerald, ruby, sapphire or black diamonds.

These gemstone strands can either be worn on their own or with a pendant and they are a fabulous alternative to a gold chain.

Coloured gemstone earrings

Coloured gemstones for Christmas…now that’s the way to make sure that the receiver of this gift really feel special. Coloured gemstone earrings are such a personal and carefully selected gift. They come in three styles – studs, hoop earrings that go around the ear, and drop earrings – and start at around $1000. The wonderful thing about coloured gemstones is that no one else will have that one pair.

Take a look at some beautiful coloured gemstone earrings on our website.

Dress rings

If you’re a man and you are at that point in your relationship where she’s looking for a serious commitment from you – but you’re not quite ready to pop the question for Christmas – a dress ring is the ideal gift.

If you’re a woman and you are looking to reward yourself for any justifiable reason, a dress ring will become this treasured and special ring you cannot be without.

Here’s an example of a gorgeous dress ring. And here’s another.

So smooth Santa, if you’d like to see any of these pieces in the flesh, or could do with some help choosing something else for Christmas, come and make an appointment to see us.


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