From me to me – why it feels so good to buy your own jewellery

I have been obsessed with jewellery for as long as I can remember. Growing up in France, I was lucky enough to be living in a culture where jewellery is not only accepted for the beautiful art form it is but is also given generously as a gift.

It was though as a teenager in France that I first fell in love with beautiful fine jewellery, marvelling at the gorgeous pieces sparkling in the windows of our town jewellery stores. I worked during the summer to save money for the holidays, but would always keep enough to buy a lovely ring, bracelet or earrings. Even then, wearing jewellery made me feel more confident, comfortable and elegant. Special.

Over the last 25 years my husband has given me beautiful jewellery to mark significant moments in our lives (engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversaries, the birth of our three children and special birthdays) but I have continued the tradition of buying my own jewellery.

So why does it feel so good to buy your own jewellery?

You choose the timing

I had a big birthday 3 years ago and I was given on the day by my lovely husband a gorgeous piece of jewellery that have since cherished. But guess what? I had started in January of that year buying my own pieces. Why? Because I could, and because it felt right to mark myself a significant time in my life.

You choose the piece

Have you ever been given a piece of jewellery that you know was chosen with care and given with love but that you simply didn’t like, let alone love? Although I am not here recommending being rude when receiving gifts, it is such a shame to be given something that you know you won’t wear. What a waste! Jewellery only looks special when it becomes precious to you and is imbued with your personality and life experience.

You choose the reason

Most women are given jewellery for a significant event in their lives but why should it be? Why can’t you reward yourself for having achieved a goal (your desired weight, the perfect job, feeling healthy) or because you can? I have been amazed over the years to see professional women who earn a good living and are very good at what they do, waiting for their partner to buy them the piece of jewellery they want … or even worse feeling they have to prove that they deserve this gift in the first place!

You choose the budget

I have seen customers over the years thinking that they had a certain budget for a particular piece only to find when reporting what their wish list consisted of that although they could look and express preferences, they certainly couldn’t determine the budget! So guess what? Before you knew it, they ended up compromising and getting either a substandard piece or even worse not getting anything at all (even if it had been previously discussed or agreed). Buying your own jewellery allows you to determine what amount you can justify spending and we know that the process of justifying a purchase varies greatly from one individual to another.

Buying your own jewellery can also mean designing and having a piece made to order for you. Once again looking at my personal story, after being married for over 25 years, I have changed and designed my engagement ring(s) …. Yes I have more than one!

If you have a ‘from me to me’ jewellery story of your own, please feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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