Natalie’s crystal ball – 5 hot jewellery trends for 2018/2019

“Natalie, do you have anything different in engagement rings?”, “How can I be sure no-one else will be wearing this piece at the party?”, “I want something very eye-catching and unique, but subtle. Make sense?”

Funnily enough, it really does.

You see, I get asked questions like these from curious customers every day. So I understand that what they’re really asking is, “What are the latest trends in beautiful, unique and practical jewellery?”

So, using a potent blend of personal experience, insider tip-offs on the latest European trends and a dash of jeweller’s intuition, it’s time to gaze into my crystal ball and reveal what I see…

Coloured gemstone engagement rings

I’ve been a swooning fan of stunning coloured gemstone rings for some time now. So I’m very excited to see a growing number of blushing brides-to-be, and their dashing fiancés, discover what a breathtaking option to diamonds they can be.

Gems such as garnet, aquamarine, sapphire, morganite and tourmaline come in such beautiful, unique colours and shades, it’s not hard to find something both eye-catching and uniquely you.

They are also a fraction of the price of diamond engagement rings.  So with a bit of logic-supported sweet talk, you’ll be able to go for a bigger that really sparkles amongst the traditional diamond wearing ladies.

Gorgeous green jewellery

Green, the spokesmodel for nature, tranquility, good luck, health, and, of course, envy is sauntering back into fashion.  Most noticeably, in the exotic shape of regal emeralds. And while we tend to think of the traditional rectangle (emerald) cut, they also look stunning in teardrop, round and oval cuts.

Don’t forget to try on some of the other alluring green natural gemstones such as green sapphire, tsavorite or demantoid garnets and the healing crystal, green tourmaline.

Black diamonds

You didn’t know they made diamonds in black? Well, this is exciting! Now you have another option to ponder if diamonds truly are your BFF, but you want to stand out – with panache and elegance, of course.

Think of these gorgeous rocks as the little black dress of the diamond world. A glamorous classic, that can make an entrance all by itself, or when accompanied by white diamonds.  And it looks equally as lovely surrounded by white or yellow metal.

Large cocktail rings with huge coloured gemstones

Colourful cocktail rings are every woman’s license to unleash her inner bold and beautiful at any social event. And they offer just so many possibilities, from Lemon Quartz and beautiful varieties of Blue Topaz, to purple, lilac and mauve shades of Amethyst, to Green Quartz and more.

Size may not be everything, but when it’s possible to see and feel 7, 8, even 9 carats of delectable stones on your hand for $3000 – $4000, it goes a long way. We like to call it, “Lots of show for not a lot of dough”.

Stud earrings

While huge chandelier earrings have been flying out our boudoir doors ever since the starlets waltzed down the red carpet at the Oscars, not everyone feels at ease in this dressier style jewellery.

That’s the beauty of stud earrings. They ooze classical charm, but you always feel comfortable you can wear them any time.

The stud earrings of yesteryear were always diamonds. Now, in addition to traditional round claw set diamond earrings, there are a variety of diamond cluster earrings, pearl stud earrings, coloured stones, as well as playful, elegant shaped earrings, like snowflake and swirl.

So, if you adore jewellery that’s beautiful, elegant and practical. Jewellery that you can wear anytime and anywhere you feel in the mood.  And jewellery that catches eyes, without ever trying….we predict you’re definitely in for an exciting year ahead.


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