How to choose jewellery to match your perfect woman’s fashion sense


To men, a vaguely familiar word they may or may not have heard the wife or girlfriend gushing about in background noise conversations with equally excited friends and retail store assistants.

To women, a spice of life we just can’t do without. Some have a penchant for hats, others for scarves, sunglasses, gloves or belts. But we all agree on two things – jewellery and handbags.

While handbag shopping is best left to the ladies, there are few gifts appreciated more by women than a piece of jewellery that matches our fashion style.

Of course, taste in dress and jewellery is a very personal thing. However, knowing where your perfect woman sees herself in the fashion stakes can be a great help in choosing jewellery that she loves:

‘New Age’ Girl

If your favourite femme looks like she stepped barefoot and beautiful straight from the Age of Aquarius – or her favourite yoga studio – she may want her ‘guru’ to approve the stone first to make sure it’s creating the right energy for your lady. In fact, occasionally, new age girls come to us with strict instructions from said guru on the jewellery they should be wearing.

So, rather than make your gift a surprise, you may want to bring your lovely flower child along when you go jewellery shopping so the piece created has the right coloured gemstone shade and carat weight to maintain perfect harmony (in body, mind, soul – and your relationship!).

Spirituality in the piece is even more important than whether it matches her current outfits.

The Fashionista

I touched on suggestions for women with an eye for the latest fashion trends in buying the perfect jewellery for your perfect woman’s lifestyle. Now let’s dig a little deeper into your style queen’s desires. Ladies who love their high heels and new fashion aren’t looking for the metaphysical powers of jewellery that ‘New Age’ girls desire.

The fashionista wants to compliment this season’s colours – and she listens closely to her favourite fashion designers recommendations for perfect accessories. So at the moment, oversized chandelier earrings and frosted hoops, cocktail rings and sparkling bracelets will set her heart fluttering.

The Trend Setter

If your perfect woman prefers to set the fashion trend – rather than follow it – experimentation is the key to her heart. Jewellery that gets her excited is usually the kind that challenges her style – and her lucky jeweller’s designer skills.

You’ll want to present her with something that her girlfriends, work colleagues and women she passes in the street can only admire and envy. So try a custom ordered piece, Art Deco ornate pendants or unusual colour combinations like this gorgeous citrine and tourmaline ring.

So before you buy jewellery for your perfect woman, take note of the outfits and pieces she likes to wear. Because if you can surprise her with the perfect accessory, you’ll be the one she’s gushing about to her friends and the girls behind the shop counter – trust us!

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