How to match the perfect jewellery to your perfect woman’s lifestyle

It’s no secret that women love receiving jewellery as a gift, but we’re even more impressed if a man gives us a piece that says “You may not always know it, I have been paying attention”.

The key to buying jewellery for your lady is to understand that big and shiny is not necessarily better. Firstly, some women just don’t like flashy jewellery. But just as importantly, our modern lifestyles and jobs mean it’s not always practical.

Four things you need to know first

Before you even think about a piece for your perfect partner’s lifestyle, you need to be able to answer four questions. This means keeping a very close eye on her while she’s not looking (and you thought this was going to be a chore!):

• Is she a jewellery aficionado, or will you be starting her collection?
• What is she already wearing – dainty/fine jewellery or chunky and contemporary pieces?
• What coloured jewellery does she wear – yellow or white metal, gold or silver?
• Are shiny, sparky diamonds her best friend, or does she feel uncomfortable with anything too showy?

Armed with this new insight, now it’s time to think about the perfect jewellery to go with your gorgeous girl’s work and hobbies:

Sporty spice

If your lady spends a lot of time playing sports and challenging herself to athletic endeavours, she won’t want wear anything that might snag on something – or someone – and hinder with her winning ways. So you’re best to go with practical stone settings and flat designs.

The fashionista

Does your woman have an eye for the latest fashion trends? Then you should take careful note of the shades she likes to wear. She’ll love coloured stone jewellery that blends beautifully with her favourite outfits. To find out more, read about matching jewellery with your perfect woman’s looks and clothes.

Handy work and play

If her job involves close or physical contact with people all day – such as nursing, teaching or hairdressing – she won’t be able to wear certain types of jewellery like high settings, large stones. Similarly, if she’s an avid green thumb, cook, or seamstress, these type of pieces will only get in the way.

As for sport, practical stone setting and flat designs are perfect for work and hobby time. You can always save the flashier jewellery gift for when it’s time to take her out somewhere special.

Vintage vixen or modern girl?

Does she have a soft spot for eras gone by? For example, if she wears second hand vintage clothing from Art Deco, Victorian or the 1940s period, you could choose a piece to match. But if she prefers contemporary fashion, she’ll probably fancy jewellery with clean, strong lines.

Of course, every woman is unique, so these examples may not sound like the special one in your life. Discovering the answers to those four questions is the key. Not only is it a mission any man would enjoy, but it means your jeweller can help you find a piece that she’ll love – and adore you for choosing.

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