Where we stand on the ethics of jewellery reproduction

Now and again we receive requests from people wanting ‘cheaper’ reproductions of Tiffany, Cartier and other designer’s pieces.

You may think this would be an easy way for us to make some quick money (and perhaps it is), however it’s not something we choose to do.

Why we don’t copy jewellery

Helping our clients live out their wildest jewellery fantasies is as much fun for us as it is for them. However, we just won’t do to other jewellers something we would never wish for them to do to us.

Recently, there was a scandal about a talent show on TV where a young comedian’s winning performance was entirely made up of international comedian’s jokes. He didn’t realise anyone would notice. I imagine that’s what people think when they rip of your favourite song or old movie. But someone always knows – even if it’s just them.

At the end of the day, it’s about showing respect for other designer’s creativity, imagination and unique vision – and for ourselves. I’d be utterly devastated if I ever discover that one of my original designs was replicated – and feel just as terrible if I ever did it myself!

The trouble with replicas

Over the years, we have seen clients come in, fall in love with a piece and then decide they can have it made elsewhere for less – only to be disappointed with their replica and come back wanting to buy the original.

Which is why, in the reverse situation, we always suggest clients go back to the original jeweller.

Sourcing Inspiration vs. stealing

One thing we are happy to do is ‘improve’ upon designs clients bring us and use them as inspiration. If you bring an image of a piece of jewellery you’ve seen in and ask for something similar, but not the same, we’ll happily to work on it for you to inspire a fresh design.

So what is the line between stealing designs and getting inspiration from them? Well there’s no hard and fast rule, however, we won’t do an exact copy. We have to feel comfortable that we are paying due respect to the designer by changing it enough.

More than a clear conscience

This decision goes beyond maintaining a good reputation – and being able to sleep at night. It’s also about wanting to give clients remarkable service and unique, wonderful pieces every time. That’s not what replicas provide.

If you’ve got a piece in mind, come in to the studio and talk to us about it. Just like when you go to the hair salon, bring pictures of your favourite jewellery and together we can design something that is as unique as you are.

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