In the Year of the Dog be grounded, compassionate and thou shalt receive

Welcome to the Year of the Dog – one that, according to Chinese astrology, is all about taking positive action to get what you want in life, the perfect year after last year’s rather powerful Year of the Rooster.

So what does this mean for everyone?

Well, the Earth Dog blesses the good people of this world with fair play and social justice. So, if you’re thinking about a new home, a solid career and committing to a relationship, the Dog will help you to feel confident and settle into the opportunities that were brought to you last year. The Earth Dog is also kind, efficient and skilled in communication.

It’s also said that the earth dog will smile upon you if you act fairly and honestly. So if you have not acted with integrity and honesty, beware as this year will be a karmic year … it might be payback time!

In the Year of the Dog, it’s a loving idea to give jewellery

In Chinese Astrology, as in so many cultures and beliefs, jewellery is a symbol of love. And the Dog is a loyal and loving creature, which means it will always return positivity to you, when you give it out.

And, of course, there’s no greater positive energy and emotion in the world, than love.

So, whether it’s something for yourself, or a gift to someone special, here are a few jewellery suggestions to ensure the Dog smiles in your direction:

Wear the Earth Dog’s favourite colours

Green for the Earth and Blue and Black for the water.

Splash out on necklaces whether bold or fine

You are not expected to wear a dog collar in 2018 but a beautiful necklace or a gorgeous pendant might be the right option!

Convey an image of generosity and faithfulness

The Dog will judge you on first impression and its favourite colours are yellow in general and earthy green, black and blue. Consider this in your jewellery and clothing choices.

Finally, it’s said that the Year of the Earth Dog is set to offer plenty of opportunities for people who follow their heart, embrace positivity and are devoted to their goals. Sounds like a plan to me.

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