Personalised jewellery – make her feel like a one in a million woman

Personalised jewellery has become very popular in past few years, but it’s certainly not a new idea. In fact, custom jewellery goes back thousands of years to days when people decorated themselves in necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from seeds, shells and other trinkets found in nature.

Ever since I have run my business clients have been excited about one off pieces we’ve created for them as a way of escaping the mass market designs. And with jewellery being so quickly replicated these days, there’s an even greater desire for truly unique pieces.

Jewellery and exclusivity belong together

Watching customers look for jewellery always fascinates me. Be it a guy shopping alone or a couple visiting us together, they’ll often have an instant connection to a piece, something that resonates on a very personal, emotional level and say, “If only I could change this, it would be perfect.” That’s the beauty of personalised jewellery. The entire experience and end result is all about creating something that is “perfect”.

Personalised engagement rings

Exclusivity and meaning are so important when it comes to engagement rings. Personalising gives couples the freedom to create a ring exactly the way the bride-to-be has dreamt about. Something that is unique to your bond, sits perfectly and is beautifully composed, well-made and durable. All the qualities of a wonderful marriage!

Pearls and beads

We’re often asked to personalise pearls and beads. It might be a birthstone in a piece, or a combination of beads, stones and chain that matches a personal style. But almost anything you dream up, we can help bring to fruition.

For inspiration, you might like take a look at our range of stone bead necklaces that we can transform into a completely unique piece for you.

Bespoke jewellery is all about her

If you’re looking for a piece that will make the woman in your life feel special, personalised jewellery is ideal. It could be something you come up with alone or together from scratch, or adapting jewellery that you spot in a shop, magazine, movie or elsewhere.

Either way, we can work with you to create a flawless custom piece- because few things in life make a woman feel that she’s a one in a million like a one in a million piece of jewellery.

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