Month: March 2017

Buying diamonds online vs. buying from a jewellery studio

Internet technology is revolutionising the way all of us do business, including those like myself who design and sell beautiful jewellery at a traditional studio (and online).  At the cheaper end of the market, many people are looking at the internet for discounted jewellery, in the hope of snagging something … Read More

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Buying, wearing and caring for jewellery – our 10 top tips

In a recent post I revealed (with just a slightly admonishing school madam frown on my face) 10 jewellery faux pas, or things NOT to do when you buy or own jewellery.

At the same time, I’ve always believed that encouragement is just as powerful – and much more … Read More

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The secrets of beautiful and versatile black diamonds

Have you heard about the sultriest sister in the diamond family, the black diamond? Some say, once you wear her, you never go back.

Is black the new white?

If you’re a diamond kind of girl (and who isn’t?), you’ll be intimately familiar with white diamonds. You may also have … Read More

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Australian-made jewellery and why it pays to buy local

As a shopper, I can understand why buying from overseas at the moment tempting. With the Australian dollar soaring and online shopping making purchases easier than ever, buying from around the world is cheap and convenient.

However, as a jeweller who has helped many people – especially in the past … Read More

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Art Deco Jewellery – timeless 1920s elegance

I’ve always found the flowing angular forms and elegance of Art Deco jewellery – not to mention architecture, artwork, cars and furniture – to be incredibly beautiful. It’s bold, daring and different, yet charming and comfortably at home in any situation. A bit like you my dear readers!

So let’s … Read More

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6 gorgeous green gemstones to make your friends vert de jalousie

I find it funny how we associate green with envy – because it’s also the colour of balance, harmony and new beginnings.

Saying that, having spent years working with and owning many stunning green gemstones, I know how pined for and coveted they can be.

So today, I wanted to … Read More

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